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Quality of Care… Quality of Life
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  • Welcome toConnected Care Solutions

    where loved ones, caregivers and their patient families remotely check-in with the patient… on their schedule and in real time… where aging in place becomes a reality!

    • Save Time
      1. No more phone tag or missed emails as the only way for all parties to communicate
      2. Easy status updates and a new way for all parties to interact
    • Save Money
    • Increase Patient Care
    • Increase Patient Quality of Life

    What does all of this equate to?

    Peace of Mind! That’s Connected Care Solutions.

    The aging process is different for each individual. And that means there will be different degrees of care needed, depending on the health and situation of the patient. And each patient’s needs are as different as their individual personalities. The one thing they all have in common is that someone is responsible for their care and wellbeing.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a system in place that ensured that both the professional caregiver and the patient’s family could stay “connected and in the know” at all times? We totally agree. Why make it harder than it already is?

    That’s where Connected Care Solutions steps in.

    This patented technology was developed by caregivers for caregivers as a private, secure, patient-centered portal focused on care coordination. It knows what you need to know. And it knows that you need to have access 24/7 without actually being present.

    Connected Care Solutions benefits include:

    • A central repository for updates on the patient’s health status
    • Medical information, such as allergies, prescription details and emergency contact information
    • All-in-one communication tool, cutting the time previously spent on updating family members substantially
    • Instant real time status snapshot of all patients